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The oligosaccharides have been immobilised on Fractogel® TSK HW65 through glycosyl amide formation of the reducing monosaccharide units (L. Blomberg et. al, J. Carbohydrate Chem. 12(3), 265-276 (1993)), or via a para-aminophenyl (PAP) or aminophenylethyl (APE) spacer beta-linked to the reducing sugar unit.

The degree of substitution is approximately 5 µmol carbohydrate/g gel.

1 g gel gives approximately 1.5 ml of settled gel.

No detectable loss of coupled carbohydrate or ability to bind lectins has been observed under the following conditions: 24 h at pH 2.5 and 4°C, 24 h at pH 10.0 and 4°C, 24 h in 6 M guanidinium hydrochloride-Tris buffer pH 7.5 at 4°C, autoclaving at 120°C for 20 min at pH 7.5.

The immobilized oligosaccharides are supplied in 25% ethanol suspension.

Storage: +4 °C.