Standard mixture II of chitin oligosaccharides for HPLC

Chitooligosaccharide Mixture II

Product number75/06-0040
StatusIn stock
Size4 mg
PriceEUR 171
ShortnameStandard mixture II
SynonymChitin oligomers; Chitin oligosaccharides, Chito oligomers; Chito oligosaccharides; Chitomix
Storage0-5 °C

Chito II HPLC Standard

Standard constituents:

The oligosaccharides are prepared by hydrogen fluoride hydrolysis of chitin. The hydrolysate is subjected to size-exclusion followed by high performance liquid chromatograpy. The individual chitooligosaccharides thus obtained are mixed to give the standard.

Purity: >90% of each indiidual oligosaccharide.

Appearance: white freeze-dried powder.

Storage: +4 °C.