GD1a ganglioside


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SynonymGanglioside GD1a, Disialo, Diammonium Salt; Neu5Ac(a2-3)Gal(b1-3)GalNAc(b1-4)[Neu5Ac(a2-3)]Gal(b1-4)Glc(b1-)Cer; IV3NeuAc; II3NeuAc-GgOse4Cer
Storage-18 °C

Source: Bovine brain

The ganglioside has been extracted from bovine brain through ion exchange chromatography and repeated silica gel chromatography.

The carbohydrate moiety is glycosidically linked to the sphingosine moiety of the ceramide. The ceramide moiety consists of a long chain fatty acid linked to a sphingosine. The chain length of the fatty acid varies from C-14 to C-24 and the chains can be saturated as well as unsaturated.

TLC: Multiple bands are seen on TLC due to heterogeneity in the ceramide residue.

Purity: >95% (NMR, TLC)

Supplied as ammonium salt.

Storage: 0-5 °C.

NMR Spectrum

NMR spectra