Lewis b HSA; Lacto-N-difucohexaose I-APD, HSA conjugate


Product number61/08-0005
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Size0.5 mg
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ShortnameLND I-APD-HSA; Leb-APD-HSA; Le-b HSA; Leb-HSA
Storage-18 °C

The oligosaccharide is linked to protein lysine reidues via a spacer using the isothiocyanate coupling method. The spacer used is acetyl-phenylenediamine (APD). The spacer is attached to the oligosaccharide by reductive amination. The reducing monosaccharide unit is thus transformed to an aminoalditol. The monosaccharide unit modified in this way is given in parenthesis.

The conjugates normally contain 10-20 moles oligosaccharide per mole HSA.

The conjugate is supplied as a freeze dried powder.

Storage: -18 °C.

Reference: Kallin E (1994), Methods in Enzymology, Vol 242, p 119.