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Compound Description

IsoSep AB isolates the oligosaccharides, glycolipids and gangliosides from mammalian and natural sources. Some oligosaccharides are of synthetic origin. The origin of our compounds is stated in our on-line catalog.

Neoglycoproteins are prepared by covalent attachment of the oligosaccharides to HSA, BSA or KLH. The degree of incorporation is specified in the Certificate of Analysis that will accompany each delivery.

Available products

The following products are available from IsoSep

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APD  Acetylphenylenediamine
APE  Aminophenylethyl
BSA  Bovine serum albumin
GEL  (R)-NHAcCHCHOH-acrylamidegel (amino activated Fractogel, polymethacrylates)
HSA  Human serum albumin
KLH  Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin
PA8  Phenyl-Alkyl-8, (R)-NHAcPh(C8H17)
OA  Ovalbumin
PA14  Phenyl-Alkyl-14, (R)-NHAcPh(C14H29)
PAP  P-Aminophenyl, (R)-OPhNH2
PNP  P-Nitrophenyl , (R)-OPhNO2 polymethacrylates)
TAPE  Trifluoroacetamidophenylethyl, (R)-OCH2CH2PhNHCOCF3
TPAP  Trifluoroacetamidophenyl, (R)-OPhNHCOCF3

Albumin Conjugates

It should be noted that the linkers APE and PAP are attached to the carbohydrate glycosidically, with the anomeric configuration intact, as shown in the respective substances. The APD linker, on the other hand, is attached to the carbohydrate via reductive amination of the reducing sugar unit, rendering the reducing sugar to be present in the form of an open chain alditol.

The conjugates are supplied as freeze dried powders. Storage temperature -20°C.

Synthetic Glycolipids (PA8)

Attachment of the hydrophobic residue phenyl alkyl (C8 or C14) (PA8, PA14) to the oligosaccharide is performed via reductive amination. With this procedure the terminal reducing sugar (glucose) is modified to an open chain unit and is no longer present in its original ring conformation.

One possible application for these substances is as acceptors in glycosyl transferase assays since they are water soluble but have good affinity to C18-silica material.